Almost to Freedom

Almost to Freedom - Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, Colin Bootman

Almost to Freedom by Vaunda Nelson is an amazing, inspirational fictional book told through a rag doll's perspective. The rag doll's name is Sally and she is telling the story of a young girl and her family as they escape from slavery and start a new journey called the Underground Railroad, which to them, is a way to freedom. The young girl who owns Sally builds a friendship with her and takes her every where she goes, until one night in a safe house, Sally accidently gets left behind. Throughout this story, the reader sees how powerful freedom is. Even though this is a fictional book, it does have some truth behind the words. I would read this to second grade through fourth grade. I would read this book during Black History Month so my students will understand the meaning behind this special holiday.


Lexile Level: 530L